About EDCO

since 1867

Originally, the company started as Dubied & Cie, founded in 1867 in Switzerland. It was specialized in producing machines and using all types of machining to deliver quality and performance.

since 1902

The company started selling bicycle parts among other products under the name of EDCO since 1902. Quickly gaining a reputation for innovative and high quality products transforming into a premium quality manufacturer of bicycle wheels. During that period EDCO was also a premium supplier to some of the bigger wheel brands.

Since 2020

With the many changes in the cycling industry and many new challenges ahead, EDCO has now evolved into a global brand without a central headquarter. EDCO consists of a dedicated and passionate team spread throughout the world.

With Rene Baretta being the new lead for design and engineering, EDCO brings in over 20 years of in-depth industry knowledge into the new setup, still striving for innovation and quality.

The 2020 established consumer direct approach will furthermore allow to offer the premium quality products to customers worldwide at a very attractive pricepoint.