Max Studer

Max Studer

Max Studer (CH) - Triathlete


This young Elite Triathlete (23y - '96) has had a nice upwards curve in achievements. He became the U23 European Champion in Eilat (ISR) in 2018. And now doing well in the World Series in the Elite group. Going for an Olympic ticket to participate in Tokio 2020.

Max is focusing on the Sprint (750m · 20km · 5km) and Olympic (1.5km · 40km · 10km) distances of triathlon.

Q: What does your everyday life look like as a professional triathlete?

I usually complete three training units a day. In between, I recover, take care of my office work and household tasks, and see that I get something to eat. 

Q: What is your main motivation?

Success is always the best motivator. We also train at places where it is a pleasure to be. (Sunshine Coast, Australia, and St. Moritz). It also helps to train in an international training group with interesting athletes. But if I do find my motivation is lacking, I keep my eye on the goals that I can achieve.hing to eat.

Q: Where do you think your biggest potential lies?

Although I am a very good runner, we are trying to get me to run even longer and faster. And we are naturally also focusing on swimming. This is because in the Olympic distance, the swim basically sets you up for the rest of the race, weight comes into play on the bike, and the run is crucial for the placement or victory.