Maloja Pushbikers

Maloja Pushbikers

Majola Pushbikers - UCI Continental Road Team

The Maloja Pushbikers are a German Continental Team based in Holzkirchen, Upper Bavaria. Founded in 2014, the road cycling team 2020 consists of 15 riders from Germany, Austria, USA and Australia. The Pushbikers focus on the mixture of young, highly talented young riders with experienced professionals. Thus in 2020 more than half of our cyclists are under 23 riders. We believe that the young riders need race kilometres and specific support, and we see it as our task to provide them with the necessary experience for a successful professional career. Our main goals for the season 2020 are races like the Deutschland Tour, the Czech Cycling Tour and the classics in Belgium and Luxembourg.

"If you do it with passion, you will not lose"

The motto of this Germany-based team is indicative of their spirit and how they look beyond competing and winning races. It’s a lifestyle, and a very healthy one…

Why pushing bikes is so good for you?


PUSHING BIKES keeps you slim. Eating kilometers is a fantastic way to lose weight and get rid of those love handles. An average person burns 250-500 calories in a 30 minutes ride! Besides, when you buy a bike you won’t have any money left to buy food for a month. Good head start!

EVER heard of the runner’s high? There is also a rider’s high: a euphoric feeling you get when you start feeling good while riding.

PUSHING BIKES gets the hormone factory going, producing a chemical called endorphin, which will give you a good feeling. If you have a stressful day, wait no longer and get in the saddle. Guaranteed that you will feel better afterwards.

IT`S a great way to socialize and hang out with friends.

LET`S talk business. Try to crack the eggs on the bike, it works disarming and enables a clear and uncluttered mind.

GOING on adventure. What other sport enables you to cross different countries and areas in one workout? Riding a bike is romantic and brings you places.

SOAK in vitamin D. We function best outside, but instead nowadays we are mostly watching screens with a roof over our head. Studies show a sizable portion of society has a chronic vitamin D deficiency.

THE FEELING of freedom and of non-motorized speed.

LIFE is like a beautiful – but sometimes a very hard – climb. Make sure you enjoy the view along the way!

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Pictures by:

Andreas Jacob

Urs Golling